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Azhagiya Manavala Mamunigal Kainkarya Sabha
Ponnadiyam Senkamalakuzhu,
Chennai - 600 045
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LORD Sriman NARAYANA made this world and the worldly living beings. To know about the world affairs and get rid of the same, he inducted the Vedas. To know the inner meanings of Vedas HE made the Sastras which are the parts and parcels of the Vedas.

All these were turned to be fruitless like the torch given to a blind man. LORD decided to get along with the worldly beings and personified himself into various avatars. Even by staging HIS various manifestations worldly beings were reluctant to understand and were not curios to know about the eternal bliss ('Moksha').

Like using a dear to capture a dear and using an elephant for capturing an elephant, HE embodied HIS armory ('Divya Ayudas') as Azhwars for spreading the curiosity of Moksha among us - the earthly beings.

Vaikuntapathi, (LORD of the SriVaikuntam, which is also known as NityaVibhuthi) appeared on earth in various forms, several times to act out His Jagan Natakam, and to impart true knowledge to all Jivatmas, so that they could break free of the hold of prakiti, which is also known as MAyA. Under the direction of His unfailing will, His divine weapons manifested themselves as the Aazhwaars. All these incarnations were in vain.

Sriman Narayana wanted to remedy this, and He decided to send his sacred royal subordinate "Aadiseshan" (Personified as the Thousand-Hooded Serpent Lord, on whom the ever-smiling Vasudeva reclines luxuriously) as a world teacher on a mission of compassion and service to the Divine.

The LORD Himself came to SriPerumpudur well in advance of SriAdiseshA's birth as Sri Ramanuja and waited for his advent.

Swami Emperumanar after accomplishing alavandar's desire, to complete rest of paravasudevar's desire came took avathar of Manavala Mamunigal.

Sri Ranganatha of Srirangam took Sri Manavala Mamunigal as His acharya and was delighted in the act of becoming his disciple. Having obtained an interest in listening to the inner meanings of Thiruvaymozhi as explained by "eedu 36000padi", He commanded Sri Manavala Mamunigal to present it in His presence in the temple. Sri Manavala Mamunigal accepting the Lord's order started the upanyasam the next day and continued it for a year. At the end of the year, Sri Ranganatha Himself in the form of a young son of an archaka presented the famous taniyan:
SrisailEsa dayApAtram dhIbhaktyAdi guNArNavam
yatIndra pravaNam vandE ramyajAmAtaram munim

In remembrance with such a great vaibhavam, during Maasi month in the great name of our acharya on 17/02/2007, this sabha Azhagiya manavala mamunigal kainkarya sabha was started.

Under the noble guidance from scholars and acharya purushas, this sabha was started to perform following services:

  • Upanyasam on Srivaishnava siddhantha and Grantha kalashebam
  • Acharya tirumaligai kainkarya
  • To perform Srimad Ramanujar uthsavams
  • To perform Manavala Mamunigal uthsavams
  • Bagavat and Bahavatha Kainkaryams