emperumanar Kainkaryam

Aaru Vaarthai Swarna Haaram Samarpanam to Ilaiyaazhwaar @ Sriperumboothur
With the blessings of great Aacharyas, Aazhwars and Divyathambathis, our Sabha began Hemalamba Varusham (Kali 5119)’s our Sabha’s first Kainkariyam was to offer Aaru Vaarthai swarna Haaram to Ilaiyaazhwar at Sriperumboothur on Chitrai 6 (April 19 2017) i.e on the 8th day of Brahmothsavam of Sri Aadhikesavaperumal


Srimushnam Ilaiyaazhwar Sahastrabthi Utsavam @ Srimushnam


Ilaiyaazhwar Sahasraabthi Kainkariyam @ Sriperumboothur

By first Thiruvadhirai of upcoimg Hevilambi Year (Kali yugam 5119) i.e. in the year Hevilambi Chitra month Thiruvadhirai star (English date May 1st 2017), it will be 1000 years since our Jagadhacharya appeared as Ilaiya Aazhwar to Asuri Kesava Somaiyaji and Gandhimathi Ammangar in Boothapuri. If we are able to enjoy all Bhagavad vishayam like Aazhwars arulicheyal, Sastras, Vedas, Upanishads, Temple processions without any problem in this unfortunate world, it is purely because of the Great aacharyan who appeared in this earth just for us and we are fortunate to be alive during his 1000th appearance day anniversary.
In order to celebrate this great moment, Our Sabha has been given the opportunity to do a kainkariyam of making a Swarna haaram of “Aaru Vaarthaigal”. Please see below link where Sri.U.Ve. K.B.Devarajan swami explained about this kainkariyam in detail

Please see the design of Swarna Haaram below
With Devaperumal on top (along with his consorts)
Aazhwar and Thirumangai mannan side by side below Perumal
Thirukacchinamigal below Aazhwars
And finally “Aaru Vaarthaigal” below Nambigal

We received mangalasaasanam from Embar Jeeyar of Sriperumboothur for this rare kainkariyam

For more images and videos please see this link

Here are those “Aaru Vaarthaigal” by Kanchi Devaperumal to Ilaiya Aazhwar through Swami Thirukachinambigal which is an important milestone in Ilaiyaazhwar’s life history as well as ours.
1) Ahameva param tatvam
2) Darsanam bheda evacha
3) Upayeshu prapatthisyath
4) Anthima smriti varjanam
5) Dehavasane muktisyadh
6) Poornacharya samasryaha

Inorder to make this swarna maala of “Aaru Vaarthaigal”, it has been estimated that it will need around 450 grams of gold i.e. it will cost around 15 lakhs. Requesting devotees to donate generously for this kainkariyam
Submitting our krithagyathagaigal to those devotees who already donated for this kainkariyam.
Uyya Ore vazhi Udaiyavar Thiruvadi!
Aazhwar Emberumanaar Aandal Jeeyar Thiruvadigale Saranam!

Our Sabha did following Uthsavams for Emperumanar at various divya desams.

Date Divya Desams
2007 Sriperumbudur
15-12-2008 Sri Rangam
13-08-2009 Thiru Narayanapuram
22-12-2010 Adhikesava perumal Kovil Tambaram
26-04-2012 ThiruKoshitur

Thirunarayanapuram (Melkote)
Date : 03/05/2008

Our sabha did one day kainkaryam to Sri Ramanujar
From our sabha we organized:
1. Thirumanja kainkaryam at morning
2. Along with Arulicheyal Goshti
3. Evening thiru veethi purapadu along with Sri Ramapriyar and Arulicheiayl goshti
It was such a wonderful treat to our eyes to see our jagathacharyan along with chella pillai on the thiruveethi.

Perumal and Srimath Ramanujar Purapadu

Date : 27/04/2012

Our sabha did one day kainkaryam to Sri Ramanujar
From our sabha we organized:
1. Thirumanja kainkaryam at morning along with Thirukoshtiyur Nambi thirumaligai acharya purusha swamin.
2. Along with Arulicheyal Goshti
3. Thathiyaradhanai at Noon
4. Evening thiru veethi purapadu along with Sri Sowmya Narayana permual in Simha vaghna and Arulicheiayl goshti.



Evening – perumal Simha vaghana porapadu

Along with Swami Emperumanar