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Most of us aware that several hundred thousand years ago, the Supreme Lord Sriman Narayana appeared in very rare form of Lion and Human as Sri Lakshmi Narasimhan to satisfy his beloved devotee “Bhaktha Prahladan”. To prove that He is not biased only to great devotee like Prahladan, even now He is giving his darshan in the same place Ahobilam in nine different forms where he gave darshan to Prahladan. In order to have his darshan, we visited Ahobila with 46 devotees. We were blessed to have darshan of Ukrasthamba narasimha perumal (A tall pillar where the Lord Originally appeared for his devotee in Krita Yuga). Yatra went on well including the great prasadam. We offer our Krithagyathai to all adiyars who supported this kainkaryam. Thank you for all your support and expecting the similar support in upcoming Kainkariyams to the Lord and his devotees. More images can be seen at this link

Azhagiya Manavala Mamunigal Kainkarya Sabha has organized Ahobila Nava Narasimha Yathra on July 28th, 29th 2016. Sri.U.Ve.K.B.Devarajan Swami will be joining us in the Yathra and going to deliver wonderful upanyasams on Aazhwar Pasurams on Sri Narasimha.
Please participate in this great Yathra to singavel kundram.
Yatra cost: - Rs 4500 per head

Sri Ahobilam Narasimhar

Senchol Selvar Sri U.Ve.K.B.Devarajan Swami

Azhagiya Manavala Mamunigal Kainkarya Sabha. Had the greatest opportunity to complete its first north India divya desa Yathrai.

We were extremely honored by the divine presence of greatest acharya purusha and great scholars.

Sri U.Ve. Azhagiya Singar Bhattar Swamin

Sri.U.VE K.B. Devarajan Swamin

Sri U.Ve. Asuri Sudha Ammangar

Sri U.Ve. Parasara Badri Narayana Bhattar Swamin

Sri. U.Ve. E.B. Sriraman Swamin

Sri U.Ve. "Akkarakani", "Ananthanpillai" Srinidhi Swamin

Sri U.Ve. Satajith Swamin

Yathra Dana
As announced earlier Azhagiya Manavala Mamunigal Kainkarya Sabha organized Pancha Dwaraka Yatra on Sep 10th to Sep 20th 2012. As planned on Sep 09th 2012, Main Sabha members went to Manimangalam, Rajagopalan Sannadhi to perform Yathra dana, It was really a very great coincidence that we first went to Rajagopalan sannadi and completed the yatra at Venugopalan sannadhi (Pushkar).
Honoring Srivaishanivites has been the first and foremost strict principles this sabha has. We honored the battar (priest ) and we had a very good drashan of Rajagopalan and then we went to Vaikundanatha perumal Kovil ( Adding more miracle to this is in pushkar we happened to see to 2 temples the first one is Vaikundanatha perumal temple and next one is Venugopalan).
Upanyasam Video can be viewed here: Click here
Few photos are given below:

Manimangalam – Rajagopalan Sannadhi

Inside the temple

Thayar Sannadhi

Andal Sannadhi

More photos can be viewed at this link
Day 1:
Around 86 Yathriga's started to assemble in Chennai Central Station around 8:30 AM to catch Navajeevan express at platform number 10. The scheduled depart of this train was around 9:30 AM and with out any late the train started. Tickets were handed over to individual coach volunteers and they took care of Yathriga's need.
Food ( Mid day meal , Snacks, Evening Tiffen ) was served in the train,
Day 2:
Day 2 was also hectic as we continued the train journey, but one good thing was climate was excellent there was literally no sun. We reached Ahmedabad at around 7:15 PM.
Two buses were arranged
1. SriNathan 2. Ramanujan

Yatrigas were equally split into these two buses and then we started to Gomati Dwaraka

Day 3: 12/09/12
1. Reached Gomati Dwaraka around : 7:00 AM Morning.
2. Started to Gomati river to take bath around 8:00 AM
3. Took bath is Gomati and got ready for darshan.
4. Went to temple by 9:30 AM to have darshan of Arti.
The holy town of Dwarka in Gujarat has a history that dates back centuries. Situated on the banks of river Gomti, the city is famed for being the capital of Lord Krishna. The ancient Dwarka city is believed to have been submerged by raging sea waters to the bottom of the sea, where the remains are still believed to exist. A temple was built at the site around 400 BC by Vajranabhji, the great grandson of Lord Krishna, however the present structure was built during the 16th century in a typical Chalukyan style of architecture. The beautiful temple rises up to a height of 51.8 mts.

Yatriga's walking to have darshan at Gomati Dwaraka

Infront of Gomati Dwaraka

Yathriga infront of Gomati Dwaraka
After having drashan we headed back to our cottage were lord Krishna ( Dwarakadeesh ) Started testing our Vairakayam and our patience, With all of sudden the rain gods opened their love and it started pouring, So we decided to have some Bajans and Upanyasam todakam ( Starting ) happened to be on the same day.

Bajan was headed by Ragavacharyar

Participating in Bajans

Upanyasam Starting @ Gomati Dwaraka

After Upanyasam, We started to Bete Dwaraka and when we reached Oaka port we had a shocking news that there will ne no boat services to Bete dwaraka as it was raining very heavily, With very schoking mood we headed back while going back we went to Rukamani Mata temple.

Photos can be viewed at :
Gomati Dwaraka: CLICK HERE
Rukamani Matha Mandir: CLICK HERE

Day 4: 13/09/2012
Bete Dwaraka
Second day we all started at 4:00 AM, The original plan was to start to Mul Dwaraka, Even early morning it was raining heavily in Gomati Dwaraka, Every Yathriga's mind was in Bete dwaraka and we all don't know what to do, Finally we decided to wait till 6:00AM and then try final attempt at OAKA port, Both the buses started around 6:00AM, Vishnu Saharasnamam Parayanam started and we all prayed towards Lord Krishna.
Miracle happened we were able to see little bit of sun and then with Krishna's mercy we got a boat and then moved towards Bete Dwaraka.

After reaching Bete Dwaraka

Bete dwaraka enterance

We first reached Sudhama's palace and then we had to wait till 9:30 AM for arti seva. In mean time Sri, U.Ve. K.B. Devarajan Swamin gave one small upanyasam on Nama sankirtana importance and Vishnu sahasaranamam importance. Then we had a wonderful darshan of Krishna.
Around 11:00 AM we returned back to Port trust. From there we went to Rukmani matha temple and had our lunch and quickly started to Mul Dwaraka. More Photos at : CLICK HERE

Mul Dwaraka
Around 3:30 PM we reached Mul dwaraka and we had a quick darshan of Dwarakadesh. This temple was near to Port Bandar and its on the way to Prabhasa Kshetram. We spent around 30 mins in this temple as we were rushing towards Prabhasa kshetram.

Main temple of Mul Dwaraka

More photos available to following link: CLICK HERE

Prabhasa Keshtram
After having darshan in Mul dwaraka we rushed to prabhasa keshtram, we reached this temple around 8:00 PM and it was another miracle in the same day that temple priest were waiting for us, so that we can glimpse the arti( Sayana ).
All yatrigas rushed inside to have the darshan of Lord Krishna, Words cannot describe the beauty of lord Krishna, Beauty, charming and laughing face of lord Krishna was all attractive.

After having the darshan of Krishna Sri,U.Ve. Srinidhi swamin gave an upanyasam on how Lord Krishna left this boologam and went back to his Paramapadam, All yatrigas went into tears as it was such touching.
With such mood where every yatriga's mind was focused on lord Krishna, Krishna showered his mercy more, The main priest called us and asked us to offer Arti to Lord Krishna, Sri U.Ve Bhattar swamin and KB Devarajan Swamin offered arti and then we all had a great darshan.
After this Sri,U.Ve. Satajith Swamin offered an upanyasam on Lakshmi Kalyanam after that we had our journey back to Ahmedabad.

Inside Prabhasa Kshetram

Inside Prabhasa Kshetram

More Photos: CLICK HERE

Day 5: 14/09/2012
Dakor Dwaraka and Ahmedabad
After starting from Prabhasa Kshetram, We reached Ahmedabad around 8:00 AM morning, After Anushtanam we had a small Gosti at our place.


Complete Yatriga
After Thatiyaradhana we started to Dakor dwaraka

Dakor Dwaraka:

Around 2:00 PM we started to Dakor dwaraka and then reached the place around evening 6:00 PM, from bus stand we took auto and then reached Dakor temple to have the darshan of Shree Ranchhodraiji. Complete temple was lighted with lamps and the whole temple was ready for sayana arti.
We chanted Vishnu sharasranama and pancha Suktam and finally had the darshan of the lord at Sakhdi Bhog 07:00pm.

Sri Ranchhodraiji at Sakhdi Bhog 07:00pm
The Shayan Darshan is the last Darshan of the day, when Lord Ranchodraiji finishes a light meal. A fan made of peacock feathers is waved to avoid the effects of any evil eye cast while he is in full view of the people.

Dakor Temple

Gomati Tank

More Photos: CLICK HERE
Day 6: 15/09/2012
Srinath Dwaraka
After a very long journey from Ahmedabad to Srinath Dwaraka, We reached around 9:00 AM morning at Srinath Palace place, As it was amavasai first all completed Ammavasai Anustanams and then we had our goshiti and then started towards Srinathji temple.

Ramar who came along with us for Pancha Dwaraka Yatra

Goshti after ammavasai Anushtam

Shri Nathdwara Temple Board welcomes you to Shrinathji. The Holy place of the divinity form of Lord Krishna and is the presiding central deity of the Vaishnava sect known as Pushtimarg.

Shri Nathdwara (a pathway to Lord Shri Krishna) literally means the gateway to the Lord ShriNathji. This great Vaishnavite shrine was built in the 17th century on spot exactly identified by the Lord himself. The legends have it that the idol of the Lord Krishna was being transferred to safer place from Vrindaban to protect it from the destructive wrath of the Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb. When the idol reached this spot, the wheels of bullock cart it was traveling in, sank axle deep in mud and refused to move further, at all. The accompanying priest realized that this was Lord's chosen spot and the Lord did not want to travel any further. Accordingly a Temple was built here. This is a temple and place of pilgrimage amongst its believers.
When we reached the temple it was time for Rajbhog

Darshan :: Rajbhog
The main meal of the day is offered to Shrinathji at Rajabhoga. Vitthalnathji, the son of the founder of Pushti Marga, has planned this as the most elaborate darshana of all. A temple priest ascends to the terrace prior to the darshana and calls out, 'Mala Begi Laiyo!!' (bring the garland quickly). This loud call heard over a wide area, dates back to the time when Shrinathji was at Mount Govardhana. The flower garden of the temple used to be located at Chandra Sarovar, Nathdwara. 'The call for the Garland' is the signal for the darshan to be opened to the crowds waiting to catch a glimpse of the lord. The rhythmic sound of drums is heard, excitement mounts, and the doors are flung open.
Shrinathji is seen in all his regal splendor, holding lotus in one hand and wearing an elaborate garland. Beeda (folded betal leaves containing spices), are placed near him, along with a pitcher of water, his beloved flute, cane to play with Genda (Ball) and a mirror. Fine perfumes are sprinkled over the kalash on the roof, and the air is redolent with its scent.
At the end of this darshana the load retires for three hours. This period is known as Anavasara. Recalling his siestas with Swaminiji in meadows of Vrindavana

Srinathji at Rajbhog
From our sabha we gave a small donation from Rajbhog.
We had darshan of Sayana Arti and then finally next day we had darshan of Mangala Arti
This is the first darshan of the day. The name Mangla underlines auspiciousness of beginning the day with a glimpse of lord. In winter this darshan takes place before sunrise, while in summer, it is later.
During Mangla darshan, the main doors of the sanctum are kept closed and are only opened after the customary initial rituals. This ensures that the drowsy divine child is not startled by large crowds rushing in to see him. It also accords with the mood of the darshan, which is bala bhava, the feelings of a parent concerned about a child's well - being another idea underlying the closed doors is that the svarupa should not be tempted to play with his young companions as opening doors might tempt him to run out!
In summer, Shrinathji is clad simply in an adbandha, a light dhoti. In winter, he keeps warm with a quilted coat. His flute is not placed in his hand, for it is felt that if he were to play it early in the morning, everyone would be enchanted and all work would come to a standstill! Arti is offered to Shrinathji during this darshana. This ritual banishes the evil spirits which hover around in the darkness of the night, seeking to cause harm.
We rushed to temple around morning 4:00 AM and had darshan of Shrinath Ji.

Day 7: 16/09/2012
Kankroli Dwaraka
Kankroli (Rajsamand) is a city located in the district of Rajsamand in Rajasthan, India. It is located about 40 miles (64 km) north of Udaipur and forms a twin city with Rajsamand. From Srinath when we started towards Pushkar we reached kankroli first.
Miracles happened in our yathra many times and this is one of them, when we reached Kankroli it was getting very late we reached temple around 12:00 noon and when we rushed Dwarakadeesh was waiting for us and as soon as we had a darshan the temple got closed.
We were extremely happy and this was a very great feeling for us

Dwarakadeshan at kankroli

Main entrance

Big tank infront of temple

From there we went to Pushkar
More Photos: CLICK HERE
Day 8: 17/09/2012
Early morning around 3:30 AM we all went to Pushkar Pushkarani and took bath and went staright to Vaikundanatha swamy temple.
We had Viswaroopa seva and then we went to Venugopal swami temple.
Here our sabha organized a function where all the Acharya purusha and Upanyasakar were honored and we had a small upanyasam there.
Around 12:00 AM we packed our bags and returned back to Ahmedabad.

The Ghat where we took bath

Vaikunda Natha swamy temple

Venugopal swamy temple

Function honoring the acharya Purushas

More Photos: CLICK HERE
From there we returned back to Ahmedabad and with heavy heart to Chennai
Upanyasam Video can be viewed here: Click here

01-07-2012 – Yathra has been planned to Thruvendipuram to participate in EEDU uthsavam and Sriman Nathamunigal Thrirunakshatram

Yathra is planned for 21 Yathirigas

Is planned to start from Tambram Railway station around morning 5:45 AM and expected to come back around night on the same day.

For other details please contact our Sabha through Phone.

The Highlights of this Yathra is we will have opportunity to participate in Swamin Uthsavam and also celebrate our Acharya's (Srimath Nathamunigal) Thirunakshatram. As its Dwadasi we will also have darshan of Devanayaka perumal, Hayagreevar and Swami Vedantacharyar.