Thiruppavai Kalaksheba Thodakkam

Thirunedunthandagam Kalaksheba Saatrumurai


Srimad Bhagavadam Sapthaga Upanyasam – 2018


Ashtasloki Kalakshebam by Sri U.Ve.P.B.Rajahamsam Swami Thodakkam
It is Bhagavan’s sankalpam to start Ashtasloki, Kalakshebam by U.Ve.P.B.Rajahamsam Swami at Selaiyur on Dec 4th 2016

Thirunedunthandagam Kalakshebam Thodakkam @ Selaiyur
With the divine couple’s blessings, we successfully completed Mumukshupadi kalakshebam and initiated Srivachana Bhooshanam.
After this, it was Bhagavan’s sankalpam to start Thirunenthandakam, an Arulicheyal by Sri Thirumangai Aazhwar and the same was used by Sri Parasara Bhattar to bring Nanjeeyar to Srivaishnava Acharya lineage.
When the auspicious Vaikasi Month begins on Durmuki year (May 14th, 2016), it brought the real spring to our sabha by initiating Thirunenthandakam Kalakshebam by U.Ve.Gomadam Sambath swami at Selaiyur.

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Srivachana Bhooshanam Kalakshebam Thodakkam @ Srimushnam
On April 30th 2016, (Kali 5118 Chitrai 16), along with Sri U.Ve.K.B.Devarajan Swami our sabha’s 23 devotees went to one of the eight swyamvakthakshethram SRIMUSHNAM
After taking holy bath in the Pushkarani, we went to the Temple and blessed to have the darshan of thirumanchanam (holy bath) of Sri Boovaraha perumal and Ambujavalli thayar.
With the blessings of Prabanna Jana kootasthar Sri Nammaazhwar, Senchol Selvar Sri U.Ve.K.B.Devarajan Swami, started Srivachana Booshanam Kalakshebam with avatharikai.
And like adding flavor, Sri U.Ve.A.V.R swami delivered a wonderful Upanyasam (lecture) on Sri Varahaperumal and Varahadivyakshetrams.
When Perumal filled our eyes with his darshan, and Sri U.Ve.K.B.Devarajan Swami and Sri U.Ve.A.V.R swami filled our ears & mind with Kalkshebam and Upanyasams, Madaipalli paricharakas filled our stomach with tasty delicious prasadams.
In the evening, after having darshan of Utsavar Yagnavarahaperumal thirumanjanam at Uttharathi mutt, we went to Kattumannarkovil and had darshan of Maragathavalli thayar sametha Veeranarayana Perumal, Aazhwars and first Acharya Sriman Nathamunigal and his grandson Yamanucharya who is happened to be the first yathi in Srivaishnava Acharya lineage and returned back to Srimushnam.

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Mumukshupadi Kalakshebam Sathumurai @ Srimushnam
On Sunday May 1st 2016 (Kali 5118 Chitrai 18), after having darshan of Boovarahaperumal’s s thirumanjanam, in front of Aazhwar, Sri U.Ve.K.B.Devarajan Swami completed the Mumukshupadi Kalakshebam which he was doing to the devotees for almost a year in the sabha. And his great son Srimaan U.Ve. K.B.D.Srivallban Swami gave a finishing touch to the yathrai by delivering a wonderful Upanyasam comparing the qualities of Kachi Devaraja perumal and Srimushnam Boovvaraha perumal.
After delightful thathiyarathanai, we took leave from Boovarahaperumal to Chennai.
Few Devotees from Thirupathoor and Kattumannarkovil came to Srimushnam and attended the kalakshebams. We offer our Krithagyathai to all adiyars who supported this kainkaryam. Thank you for all your support and expecting the similar support in upcoming Kainkariyams to the Lord and his devotees.

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ThiruvEzhu kURRirukkai – Kalakshebam Thirumangai Azhwar, whose Thirunakshathram falls this day (Kaarthigai-Kaarthigai), commands a unique place among the Azhwars. Variously referred to as Kaliyan, Aali Nadan, Mangai Vendhan, Parakaalan, the ‘youngest’ of his tribe was born in ThirukKuraiyalur as the manifestation of the Divine Bow of Sriman Narayana.
If Nammazhwar composed four Prabandhams corresponding to the Vedas, Kaliyan came up with six numbers – one each for the auxiliaries of the Vedas known as Vedaangas. They are: Siksha (phonetics and phonology), Chandhas (meter), Vyakarna (grammar), Niruktha (etymology), Jyothisha (astrology and astronomy) and Kalpa (ritual).
All his works spanning 1,253 verses – Periya Thirumozhi (1084 verses), ThirukKurum Thaandakam (20), ThiruNedum Thaandakam (30), Thiruvezhu-Kootrirukkai (1), Siriya Thirumadal (40) and Periya Thirumadal (78) – ooze devotion, humility, beauty, class, variety, and to top it all, the doctrine of surrender. No wonder he is hailed as ‘Master of the Four-fold Poesy’ (Naalu Kavi Perumal in Tamil).
The four branches of poesy are:
Aasu Kavi: One with the expertise for impromptu composition – In fact, all his Prabandhams are spontaneous outpourings;
Madhura Kavi: One who can compose poems oozing sweetness and exuberance – Major part of Periya Thirumozhi is example to this.
Chithra Kavi: One who is well-versed in specially-structured poems – Thiruvezhu-Kootrirukkai which has been arranged similar to the temple car of Amudhan, the Lord of ThirukKudandhai, perfectly fits the bill;
Visthaara Kavi: One who is proficient in elaborate poems – The two Madals and many a stretch in Periya Thirumozhi wherein he performs Mangalaasaasanam to a particular Lord qualify for this variety.
It all started when as a tough young man he wished to marry Kumudhavalli. In order to accede to that she laid down a condition that he feted 1,008 Bhagavathas daily and partook the Prasadham and their Sri Paadha Theertham. This he duly did and as a consequence he became poor over a period of time and had to start borrowing. After some time even that would not suffice and he resorted to waylaying and robbery to make ends meet. His life turned for the worse. It was then that the Lord decided that enough is enough, reformed him and made him sing His praise with distinction. What's more, the Azhwar took from the Lord the Thiru Ashtaakshara Manthra at dagger point and surrendered unto Him. This incident finds a mention in the Thaniyan by Sri Ramanuja:
Thirumangai Mannan has the unique honour of presenting himself with his consort in the idol form, at the ThiruVaali temple. He travelled through the length of the country in pursuit of Mangalaasaasanam which eventually covered 86 Divyadesams. Thirunaraiyur, ThirukKanna Puram, ThirukKudandhai, Thiruvenkatam, Thiruvarangam may be termed as his most favourite as his indulgence in them is far too pronounced.

One 13th July and 14th July, Sri. U.Ve, Kanthadai Vadhula Nanadhakumarchariyar swamin gave a very beautiful disclosure on Ramanujarin vadivazhu.

There are four Dhivya prabhandhams blessed to us by Swamy NammAzhwAr :
(1) Thiruviruttham , (2) Thiruvaasiriyam , (3) Periya ThiruvandhAthi and (4) ThiruvAimozhi. PoorvAchAryaas have compared the above four Veda SamhithAs to Rig , Yajur , Atharva and Saama Vedam respectively.

Paasuram 7: Parama PurushArtham is the Worship of sriman Naarayanan:
He upholds Rudra, who wears the Moon on his matted locks, Brahmaa the four-faced, IndrA, the chief of of the dEvAs! Having the color of green leaf, He upholds all the worlds including the earth with all its creatures and all the elements, water, fire, air and light-pervaded ether, the brilliant Sun and Moon with their splendid rays. All are kept without falling asunder through His power within Himself, so that they are not seen (in PraLayaa). It is He, who is resting on the banyan leaf (in the ocean at cosmic withdrawal). Him, our Lord, the Great MaayAvi alone, and no other God shall we adore.

In the final paasuram of ThiruvAsiriyam, Swamy NammAzhwAr answers the question raised by a veda Manthram: "Kasmai DevAya HavishOvidEma?" (To which God should we offer oblation/aahUthi?).Swamy Nammalwar answers that question unambiguously and with certainity that we should offer our worship to that Sarvan, Sakala GuNa ParipUrNan celebrated by the VedAs and Saathvika PurANAs as the One in whom all things attain rest and seek refuge (Saravm SamApnOsi tatOsi Sarvah).

Celebration of ThiruvikramAvathAram in ThiruvAsiriya Prabhandham
Swamy Nammalwar has been awed by the vision of Thrivikraman, who grew from a Vaamana roopam to the directions-striding Thrivikraman. The SookshmArthams of this avathAram enchanted Swamy Nammalwar and he celebrated that avathAram at a few places in ThiruvAsiriyam.
In the first Paasuram, where Swamy Nammalwar enjoys the Lord resting at the Milky Ocean, the memory of Thrivikraman propels him to address the Lord as:" Tanip Peru Naayaka, Moovulahu aLantha sEvadiyOyE" (Oh matchless SarvEsvara with broad feet to measure the three worlds).
In the second paasuram of ThiruvAsiriyam, Swamy Nammalwar celebrates that heroic valor ( MaayA peru ViRal)and enjoys Him as "anbhilinn thERal amudha VeLLam "(the delectable BhOgyam of tne nectarine flood for those , who approach Him with SnEham/freindship and preethi/love).
In the fifth paasuram, Swamy Nammalwar salutes magnificently the happenings during ThrivikramAvathAram on the Earth and Brahma lOkam and beyond.
In the sixth paasuram, Swamy Nammalwar refers again to the measurement of the Earth and Sky with two steps and salutes Sriman NaarAyaNan as " Mudhal Peru KadavuL" (Primordial Great Lord).
Sri U.VE. K.B Devarajan Swamin Concluded the honey dipped kalkshebam in presence of Sri. U. VE. Mudalaiandan swamin.
The next Kalakshebam and other details will be shared soon.

Sri U.Ve. K.B Devarajan Swamin, Started tiruvasiriyam kalakshebam and conclude Thaniyan on Sunday 19-08-2012.
Thiruvasiriyam - PeriyavAchAn piLLai vyAkyAnam book will be sold at at Sitadevi Garodia School – E Tambaram during starting of Next Kalakshebam.
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1. July 14th and July 15th Our sabha completed the Kalakshebam of Amalanadhipiran

2. Only July 15th Kalakshebam concluded with Sathumurai and Mariyadhai to Sri.U.VE. "Akkarakani", "Ananthanpillai" Sri U.Ve. Srinidhi Swamin.

3. We were also honored with divine presence of Swamin U.Ve. Devearajan Swamin.

4. On August 11th our sabha is planning to start Kalakshebam of SWAMY NAMMAZHWAR'S THIRUVASIRIYAM ( YaJur Veda Saram)

5. There are four Dhivya prabhandhams blessed to us by Swamy NammAzhwAr: (1) Thiruviruttham, (2) Thiruvaasiriyam, (3) Periya ThiruvandhAthi and (4) ThiruvAimozhi.PoorvAchAryaas have compared the above four Veda SamhithAs to Rig, Yajur, Atharva and Saama Vedam respectively. Our sabha will start Kalakshebam on ThiruvAsiriyam (Yajur Veda Saamyam).

More details to follow.

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Our Sabha has completed following Upanyasams

Srivaishnava Guruparamparai
KaNNinun siru thambu
AmalanAdhipirAn – Completed till 8 Pasurams.

On – June 16th and June 17th Sriman "Akkarakani", "Ananthanpillai" Sri U.Ve. Srinidhi Swamin completed the 7th and 8th Pasuram of AmalanAdhipirAn.

On July 14th Sriman "Akkarakani", "Ananthanpillai" Sri U.Ve. Srinidhi Swamin will give upanyasam on 9th pasauram and Sathurmurai on July 15th at Sitadevi Gorodia Hindu Vidhyala School, East tambaram.